Crackle‘s original series The Art Of More‘s second season is now streaming. In a new exclusive interview, we’ve had the chance to sit down with Tod Fennell, one of the actors we will be able to see starring on this show.

Checkout the interview in Spanish just by clicking this link.

– Hi Tod. Right now we can see you starring on Crackle’s The Art Of More (season two is now streaming). For people that don’t know much about the show, can you tell us about it? 

It’s a show about the underground, unseen world of high end New York City auctions. The characters are extremely machiavellian and exposes the crime and intrigue that goes on behind the scenes in of this fast paced environment where millions can be made or lost over night.

– The Art Of More feels kind of a fresh one. It takes place in a world that television hasn’t really explored very much. Do you agree? What do you think that makes the show unique? 

I think you’re totally right, it might just be the first of it’s kind. It shows how people can behave when there’s that much money at stake and the fact that the show revolves around an auction house opens the doors to explore how all kinds of characters fare in that environment. From a young couple finding millions of dollars worth of coins to ancient artifacts smuggled across international borders.

– You play a character named Cliff Kerbis. What is his role on the show? 

Without giving too much away, he a tech startup billionaire CEO who goes into business with Roxana (Kate Bosworth). He doesn’t really have much respect for authority or the severity of the situation.

– Have you learned anything about the auction houses world during this time? 

Yeah, it’s pretty much the wild wild west out there. Items literally go for whatever people are willing to pay for them, there’s a lot of false hype generated and I didn’t realize how much criminal activity takes place in that environment.

Tod Fennell.
Tod Fennell.

– Crackle follows the same policy as Netflix or Amazon in terms of releasing all episodes of a season at once. Do you think it’s something good for a show or simply another way of watching television? 

I think it’s a great idea for some shows. More and more shows are written and produced specifically to be binge watched. It’s like a ten hour film. I respect the new art form and I think the audiences are really responding to it. It’s very immersive.

– We know the besides seeing you, we can also hear your voice in many features, specially on video games. Can you tell us more about it? Do you find it more complicated than “normal” acting? 

The tech we wear in Motion capture is pretty intense, but as far as the performance goes, there’s not much of a difference. Instead of finding our light when we walk into a shot, we sometimes have to avoid jerky movements or be a little more careful manipulating props. It’s not so easy to make walking around in black spandex, covered in sensors, with a microphone and a head camera strapped to your body look normal. But the tech has come so far, and every time I go it, the stuff gets smaller, lighter and more user friendly.

– Last one. Are you working on any other projects right now? 

I’m writing a pilot script for a sitcom right now, hitting the gym and taking a vacation with some old friends in December. 2016 was my busiest year yet, and I’m looking forward to the American films coming into town in the summer. I might head to L.A. for pilot season but I haven’t decided yet.

– Thanks Tom. It’s been a pleasure. Best wishes from Spain.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.



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