Born in Tulsa (Oklahoma), Wesam Keesh is an american actor known for his roles on popular series like Awkward (MTV) or ShondaLand’s For The People (ABC).

This spring, Keesh can be seen returning as Jay Simmons in season two of For The People. Set in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the series follows six talented young lawyers working on opposite sides of the law and handling the most high-profile and high-stakes federal cases in the country. The new season will find Jay settled into his job but still being assigned frustrating clients, friendships with co – workers will be tested and unlikely relationships start to form.  Easy going but passionate, Keesh brings a unique charm to the show as Jay. The show’s young lawyers will be put to the test both personally and professionally as their lives intersect in and out of America’s most prestigious trial court.

In our latest exclusive interview, we’ve been able to talk with him about the show, it’s new season, and his other works.

– Hi Wesam. I recall we talked with you about three years ago when you were starring on MTV’s Awkward. It has been quite a long time. What has changed for you since those days?

Tons! Lots of acting work, running up mountains, talking on my radio show Wesam’s World, and much more.

– Actually, you star as Jay Simmons on ABC’s «For The People». Any story about how you landed the role? 

No crazy story here. My agent got me the audition and I went in there and did my thing. They loved what I did and before I knew it I was shooting the pilot.

– What can you tell us about your experience so far on the show?

Working on For The People is the best acting job I’ve ever worked. Riveting writing, amazing cast, the best crew, and the entire production team are masters at their craft. And my cast mates and I laugh a lot on set. We tease each other and sometimes even prank each other!

– Season two just premiered. What can you say about it?

Well, Season two definitely heats things up with more intense cases right off the bat. People fighting for justice and what’s morally correct but sometimes, those lines are hard to distinguish. There’s also some unexpected friendships that happen between Jay and…. Well, I’ll leave that a surprise (laughs).

– Let’s talk more about Jay. What would you highlight about your character’s evolution since the show started? 

He’s much more careful about trusting clients right away but still fights tooth and nail to make sure they get a proper defense and not taken advantage of. But he’s still the loyal and charismatic Jay fans loved from the 1st season. And yeah, he still gets annoyed with Kate Littlejohn.

– Can you give up anything about what’s in store for him?

He fights a bear with his bare hands and wins…. Not sure if they kept that in the show though!

– We know you still host your weekly radio show “Wesam’s World”. Tell us more about that project and what people who choose to give it a chance can find.

Wesam’s World is my weekly radio show I host on Idobi Radio. It airs live on Thursdays at 3pm PST/6pm EST, USA times. I bring on the most amazing guests that range from actors, athletes, authors and more. It’s a casual conversation show that entertains and enlightens with unlimited topics. Some of my favorite episodes are when I bring on my best friends and we do ‘Guys Night’ where we drink, make fun of each other, and ultimately I end up pranking one of them live on air. You can check out all our episodes on Youtube as well as iTunes and Spotify.

– Before we finish, I would like to go back to Awkward. Now that revivals / reboots are getting more popular every day, would you like the show to get another season?

You know , if the rest of the cast would like to do another season… I am soooo down. They are an amazing bunch.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries. 

Photo credit : Benjo Arwas.

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