Mekia Cox is an american actress know for her current roles on Once Upon a Time (ABC) and Chicago Med (NBC). Besides, recently Mekia has also starred on other popular shows likes Grey’s Anatomy, Gotham and Secrets and Lies among others. Check out our latest exclusive interview. We’ve been able to sit down with her to talk about this fall and her future projects.

– Hi Mekia. So, during this fall we’ve been seeing you on ABC’s hit series Once Upon a Time. You are one of the new regulars of the show. What can you tell us about you experience so far?

I’m really excited about the way they’ve decided to extend this show. Eddy and Adam, the show creators, have been able to breathe life into a whole new storyline while also being able to keep the magic that was created from the previous six seasons. Holding on to the fan favorite characters like Regina, Hook and Rumple allows viewers to fall in love with the show all over again. Being able to walk into an already established and extremely cherished show has been both nerve wrecking and tremendously gratifying all at the same time.

–  You’ve been playing Princess Tiana, the character from The Princess and The Frog. Tell us more about her.

Princess Tiana is what I like to call a “Love Warrior.” She’s a strong character who has a deep love for those she cares about, and that is also seen in her counterpart “real world” character Sabine. Both are strong willed but in an immensely positive way, and their ambition and drive keeps them going.

– Tell us more about Sabine… 

Having started two production companies myself, I really enjoy Sabine’s entrepreneurial spirit. She has a goal and and does whatever she can to reach it. I also enjoy how optimistic she tends to be. She tries her best to see the silver lining in everything even when circumstances may seem exceedingly dire.

– Did you watch the show before getting cast? Do you think it’s a good moment for new fans to jump in? 

Absolutely! It’s a fantastic time for new fans to join in. What tends to happen is new fans become so enthralled with the storyline that they have to find out more, so they become curious enough to go back and watch past seasons in order to get a full grip on the entire storyline.

– These last weeks we have also seen you back on Chicago Med. What’s going up with Robin? 

Oh yea, Robin’s storyline isn’t done! She’s got a lot of new issues to deal with now that she’s in recovery mode. Conner’s got a lot on his shoulders while taking care of her, but he’s doing his best to stay strong for her and to keep their relationship going.

– As you said, besides acting you also have your own production companies. Are you developing anything right now? Any future projects in mind? 

I actually have two productions companies, Little Man Productions and 42 Seven Productions. Currently we’re putting on shows at various W Hotels across the nation. If you’re in New York, LA or Chicago you should check us out! You can go to 42sevenproductions.com to buy tickets!

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.

Photography credit : Benjo Arwas.



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