Actress, singer and songwriter Natalie Sharp is a series regular on Audience Network‘s new show Hit The Road, a musical comedy that stars Jason Alexander. Check out our latest exclusive interview. We’ve been able to sit down with her to talk about what we can expect about the show and Natalie’s other projects.

– Hi Natalie. Your new show Hit The Road has just premiered on AT&T’s Audience Network. What can you tell us about it?

It’s The Partridge family meets Little Miss Sunshine. Jason Alexander is right when he says “Hit The Road” is a show about a family, but it is definitely NOT a family show. It follows the Swallows, America’s (supposedly) ‘finest’ family band, but we are far from wholesome. We are constantly finding ourselves in the most outrageous and ridiculous circumstances. It pushes the boundaries; it is unapologetic, refreshing and fun. I think people are going to fall in love with our crazy, dysfunctional family.

– On the show you play Jason Alexander’s character’s eldest daughter, the lead singer of the family group that the show focuses on. Tell us more about her.

Yes, Ria is the rebellious, daring, teenage daughter. She is so much fun to play because she makes the wittiest comments and is never done challenging her father. The last thing she wants to do is to be crammed into a disgusting tour bus with her ‘annoying’ family, go city to city, singing lame songs, wearing matching outfits. She is sassy, bold, stubborn, a businesswoman and has the dreams of becoming a pop star. I love being able to sing in the show and channel my inner Avril Lavigne!

– In an era with so much TV Shows, why should people take a moment to check out Hit The Road?

Because this show isn’t just like every other comedy. It will make you roll to the ground laughing, incredibly uncomfortable, get teary eyed and it will touch you. It is a relevant, show with an incredibly dynamic and unique, endearing group of characters. And you get to see Jason Alexander sing in a polyester blue jumpsuit! What’s not to like?

– Will there be a lot of music on the show? Will you be singing regularly?

We have around six musical numbers on our show and I am very excited to say that I get a whole song to myself! Singing is the main connecting point between my character and I, so I am thrilled to create that side to Ria, and of course showcase that side of me!

– Recently you also booked a major role on the film Live Like Line. Can you tell us more about it?

The film is a true story following a high school volleyball team in Iowa. Losing their team captain and all-star setter, Caroline, in a motor accident, the team comes together and starts a movement to play for ‘Line.’ To “Live Like Line!” They go on to do the unimaginable. It is an inspiring sports movie focusing on strong female athletes. I have played volleyball my whole life, so it was a dream for me to authentically tell this story by being part of the team, and actually playing. Helen Hunt played our coach, and William Hurt played Caroline’s amazing father, Ernie, who we got to meet on set. We all became such a family! I cannot wait for it to come out!

– Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

I am a senior in college, so right now my main focus is to graduate! But of course, I am crossing my fingers for a season two of Hit The Road!

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.

Photo credit : Ryan West. 

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