Young and talented american actress Hannah Zeile is one of the newest additions to the cast of NBC’s hit series This Is Us for it’s second season. This fall we will se Hannah playing the young version of Kate (Chrissy Metz) on the showIn a new exclusive interview for our site, we’ve been able to chat with Hannah about the series, her role and her experiences.

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– What can you tell us about your experience of being part of such a great series like This Is Us?

I feel so blessed. Everyone that I work with is ridiculously talented and so kind. Everyday I am learning and growing as an actress and as a person.

– On the show you’ll be playing the younger version of Kate (Chrissy Metz). How do you prepare the role? Does Chrissy give you any indications or any kind of help?

I like to study Chrissy’s mannerisms just by watching her performances on the show and also just getting to know her personally has helped. It’s cool because she trusts me to make teenage Kate my own separate role and to decide things on my own for the character.

– Can you give up anything about what’s in store for this second season? We’ve been told there will be a strong storyline coming up for this year for you…

I really cannot say very much but I think everyone will be excited to see a lot more of the teens. I think there is a lot of commotion in everybody’s teen years so that includes the Big Three.

– As an insider, how do you feel about the huge reception the show is getting?

We all love what we do and have the best time creating this show! The fact that people outside the set love it and have related so strongly to it is an amazing feeling.

– What do you think is the secret of the show’s giant success?

I think that Dan Fogelman and the writers are genius. They are shining a light on topics that can be uncomfortable so a lot of times they are kept in the dark, but they are real life issues. People can relate to the harsh realities the show handles, and the writing is so powerful that it turns the harsh realities into something beautiful to watch.

– How is the life on set? 

Everyday on set is so much fun! Everyone is seriously like a big huge family. Every person is not only extremely kind, but also so good at what they do. It’s like a machine; we rely on everyone to do their part so that the machine functions to the best of its ability, but we have a really good time while doing it!

Photo credit : Bobby Quillard.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.



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