Actress Kelly McCormack is the latest addition to the cast of SYFY’s hit series Killjoys. She’s playing a scientist called Zeph. In a recent past, Kelly has also played roles on shows like That’s My DJ or Defiance. Check out our new exclusive interview with her. We’ve been talking about her experiences on Killjoys and her future projects as a producer. 

– Hi Kelly. So, let us know, how did the opportunity of working on Killjoys come to you?

My agent sent me the audition, and after reading the character breakdown for role I instantly thought, “oh I want this”, which doesn’t always happen. I worked on my audition all week because the dialogue was so science-heavy and I wanted it to feel second nature saying it as Zeph. After my one audition I was at the table within a week! It was really quick!

– How does it feel to be the latest addition to the Killjoys team?

It’s a total dream job! I couldn’t be happier playing this role and I feel like I’m part of the Killjoys team on camera and off. The other leads on the show are funny, smart, caring and equally eccentric and fun to be around, so we have so much fun. Everyone on that set is so supportive and I think that really shows on screen.

– Zeph, your character, is a passionate young scientist that Dutch has just recruited. We can describe Zeph as the show’s new nerd. What would you highlight about her? What do you think she can offer to the team?

It’s refreshing to play a female character who is solely dedicated to science and isn’t nervous, mousy, or quiet about it. Zeph is an awkward farm girl turned science nerd who has a lot prove and is bracingly arrogant at times. When she is on a roll, she treats people – for better and for worse – like lab subjects and has a lot to learn when it comes to interpersonal skills and working as a team. The highlight of playing Zeph is the particular brand of comedy the writers craft for her. Because she views situations as equations, it’s funny what she picks up on and what she doesn’t. It makes for some ripe comedy, and the writers on the show are so good at having fun with it. She’s so miraculously tone-deaf that she got some of the most ridiculous one-liners in the season! Another highlight is working on a spaceship all day and playing with futuristic props. Half the time I feel like I’m in a video game or just a dream I had when I was a teenager. I grew up reading sci-fi and fantasy books and am such a nerd myself that I’ve always wanted to play a role like this.

Credit : Kat Webber.

– For now, Zeph hasn’t had an easy welcome. The main problem is that Johnny kind of hates her. What can you tell us about her relation with the team?

Yeah he does kinda hate her! But I would guess it’s not the first time Zeph has dealt with other nerds not liking her. I’m sure there are many female scientists out there that can relate to having a lot to prove when it comes to their male counterparts in the field. But when you have a character that is such a loner like Zeph, and science has been her only friend and how she identifies herself, it’s going to be hard for her to rewire how she works with other people. She doesn’t know how to trust anyone besides herself, which usually comes from being burned and hurt in the past so I will cut her some slack for being such a terrible team player! Luckily, if there is anyone who can entice someone to join the fold, it’s a character as inspiring as Dutch. And with Johnny a constant source of competition, and the odd couple comedy that is D’avin and Zeph, it’s sure to be a fun learning curve for Zeph, however… a steep one.

– I’m sure you would love Zeph to stick around for some time… Wouldn’t that be great!?

Oh yeah. I don’t know what is in store for Zeph but I’m sure she is determined to be a squeaky wheel enough to stick around! Personally, I’d love to play Zeph as long as they’ll have me! The cast and crew are so amazing and the fans are so engaged we’re all rooting for a fourth season…maybe throw in a fifth? Why not!

– As an insider, what do you think is the secret of the show’s success?

The secret to the show’s success is showrunner Michelle Lovretta. I’ll just keep saying it, but the atmosphere she creates for people to work in is something really special. And the show’s special brand of comedy, action, heartfelt character arches, and just straight up awesomeness is Michelle’s vision. That distinct Killjoys tone is so singular, and oh so Lovretta. I know fans really appreciate the way the show swings between action and comedy and so do the actors.

– Can you tell us about what we will be seeing during the rest of this season?

One of the best parts of being on a show is you get to read the scripts like a really great book you can’t put down. And let me tell you… this season gets so toasty. Hannah John-Kamen as Aneela will be the creepiest, coolest, scariest, sexiest thing on TV, I promise you. She gave me chills in the table reads.

– Killjoys beside, we’ve been told that recently you have launched you own productions company, Floyder Films. Tell us more about that. What do you want to focus on? Do you have anything in development?

I started Floyder Films to make work not just as an actor, but as a writer and producer. in the beginning it was a just an independent production company where my friends and I were able to make things happen, but it’s certainly my full time job now. I just produced a show for the CBC called The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island which is just about as weird as it sounds. It’s a fake 1970s documentary about this self-exiled family living on a remote island. I also play one of the demonic twin sisters. Along with that, at the moment I am developing three scripted series, a documentary, optioning some sci-fi books and working on my next feature film I wrote called Sugar Daddy directed by Wendy Morgan and produced by Lauren Grant and Lori Lozinski. My production company has a simple mandate – “good art made by good people” and I like to keep it that way. But generally, I lean towards stories that explore and dispel expectations of gender. I am unapologetically feminist in my work which means I want to present narratives that challenge conventions of femininity and masculinity and change the world even a little by changing the conversation. At least that’s the plan!

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An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.
















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