Born in Vancouver (Canada), Luisa D’Oliveira is the actress responsable of playing Emori on CW’s hit show The 100. Besides, Luisa has recently played roles on other shows like Channel Zero, Motive or Cracked. In a new exclusive interview for our site, we’ve been able to sit down with Luisa and have a chat about the show’s fourth season finale and her thoughts on its past, present and future.

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– Hi Luisa. First of all, congratulations for your work and for this amazing season finale. Praimfaya was really great. What can you tell us about this last episode? Were you surprised by how it developed?

I thought it was a FANTASTIC end to the season. When we began season four I never ever would have guessed that this was how the season would end. I had heard rumors that some people might be heading to space at the end of the season, and was SO excited when I found out Emori was one of the group.

– With so much left in the air, what are your expectations about season five? What would you like for Emori?

I think season five is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to see how Emori takes to this new stage of her life. On Earth she was socially trapped but physically free to roam. Now that she’s away from grounder society she’s socially free but physically trapped. She’s overcome a lot of her distrust of these people, but is it permanent or temporary? I think she’ll adapt amazingly to live in space, at least at first. What the heck has happened in the past six years? The bunker. The prisoner transport! I can’t wait to see what the writers have planned for everyone.

– Talking about your character, you’ve been on The 100 since the show’s second season but I think it’s safe to say that season four has been Emori’s greatest season so far. Do you agree? 

Completely. I loved a lot about season four, but one thing was definitely the awesome way they took Emori.

– Which one would you choose as Emori’s defining moment on the show? Perhaps when she choose to lie about the rock line thief to save her life in Gimme Shelter?

That episode definitely unveiled how truly capable and terrifying she can be. Of all people, she was able to manipulate Clarke to her advantage. And we saw the depths of her pain, since she used her own history to do it. I loved that episode for Emori. She’s a dangerous foe or a valuable ally when she’s able to fight for other’s survival and not just her own.

– Tell us about Emori’s relationship with John. They have been through many difficulties but at the end of the day they have been always been there one for the other. How would you describe it?

I think deep down they see each other as a kindred spirit and equal. Suffering and self-hatred changed them both when they were young, but maybe caring for each other has allowed them to hate themselves less. They’ve definitely come out of season four stronger and healthier than we’ve seen them both before in the show.

Richard Harmon and Luisa D’Oliveira (The 100 4.08 – God Complex).

– Clarke, Octavia, Lexa, Raven, Emori, Luna are only some of the amazing strong female characters that The 100 has given us. How important do you think these type of characters are in the show’s huge success?

It’s huge! If you’re female watching this show, you can’t help but love these women for being so awesome. I think the portrayals of both the males and females on the show do a service to society. The world of The 100 says again and again how heroics, intelligence, capability, strength, and suffering are not ruled by ethnicity, sex, age, or sexual orientation. It’s the future baby.

– Do you have an Emori favorite scene or quote?

Jaha –  “Emori, you can correct your defects here.”
Emori –  “I would. If I had any.”

“You were loved. Told you were special. I was thrown away like someone’s garbage. You know nothing of my pain.”

– Have you ever thought how you would like The 100 to end when the day comes?

Whatever I think will in no way be better than what Jason (Rothenberg) comes up with.

– Before we finish, let us know. Are you working on any other projects right now?

Yes! A video game. Details are sealed, I wish I could say more…

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.

Main photography credit to Javier Lovera. 



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