Thom Allison is an actor know right now for his role as Pree on SYFY’s hit show Killjoys. With the show’s third season coming next summer, we’ve had the chance to sit down with Thom and talk about his experiences and what we saw last season. 

Checkout the interview in Spanish just by clicking this link.

– Hi Thom, thanks for your time. So, after two seasons of Killjoys. What can you tell us about your experience on the show? 

It’s been a great time for me.  I had never done series television before and I’ve spent most of my career on stage so it has been a crash course in acting for the screen. And getting to create and shape a character over weeks of shooting is very unique.

– How would you describe the show and your character’s evolution during this time? 

Sci-fi is a very interesting genre. From what I’ve seen and learned, it is shaped by a very symbiotic relationship between the writers’ imaginations and the fans responses.  Sci-fi fans are very devoted, vocal and detail oriented. They see everything and they let you know if they are disinterested  or interested in what is happening to the characters and story arcs. It has been made clear to me the my character is enjoyed by the fans and so in season two, Pree got to be a little more involved in the fun and we also go some interesting and vivacious backstory – re: former Warlord, criminal past, etc. That is exciting as those things come as surprises to me too. It’s like Christmas every time I get a new script.

–  As a viewer, some of my favorite things of last season was the introduction of Stephanie Leonidas’ character and all the new things we learned about the show’s mythology. Do you agree? Would you highlight any more aspects about it? 

Stephanie’s character was so much fun. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful actress. It shot a nice energy into the mix. And her being a strong female character didn’t take away from the strength of Hannah’s Dutch at all.  Dutch is so controlled and organized. Stephanie’s Clara was so wild and untamed.  It’s a great balance. I think we are poised for many more possibilities with the realization that there is a much bigger picture happening than just the goings on in the Quad.  The imminent war; Dutch’s doppelgänger. It seems like we may get to travel more and see what and who else is out there. The world just got bigger!!!

Aaron Ashmore and Thom Allison (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy)
Aaron Ashmore and Thom Allison On SYFY’S Killjoys (Photo by: Steve Wilkie).

– What’s the status on season three? Have you started production?

We haven’t started yet. I believe we begin in the new year and our creator and writers are very sneaky. They don’t let anything slip. They like to keep us all in suspense.

– What would you enjoy to be next for Pree? On season two he spent quite some time around with the Killjoys and now that John has gone (at least that is how last season ended) it could be a good moment for more adventures with them. Would you like that or does Pree have enough with his bar?

I feel like when Pawter was killed, it woke something in him. And now Johnny is gone. I would love to see Pree helping out more. He’s so smart and industrious.  Fans seemed to really enjoy Pree hanging with the gang a little more.  Perhaps not constantly but I would love to see Pree launching more into his past aliases.  Pree likes to dress up; wouldn’t it be fun to have Pree as a super spy for the gang.  Going to different places as different aliases and gaining info or setting up deals or something. It feels like Old Town is going to be a bit deserted and Pree is one to go where the action is.  Especially now that the rules have changed and the powers that be have f*#ked with his world.  It’s pay-back time . . . at least in my imagining of Pree’s future.

– Right now SYFY has other great space shows like Dark Matter or The Expanse. Have you ever thought about how a crossover with one of these would be? 

I have only thought about it in as much as I’ve heard fans talk about how much they’d like it to happen. But I’m game for anything. I’d love to see Pree interact with some other folks.

– Before we finish, let us know. Are you working on anything more right now? 

I am. I’m just getting ready to do my Christmas cabaret which is becoming a yearly event and starting to travel. It’s called SHUT UP, IT’S CHRISTMAS!! It’s a two act musical cabaret where I play Mrs. Claus in the first act, and I tell the story of her life with Santa meeting him, dating him, marrying him and creating the toy empire through songs and funny stories. And in the second act, I play myself and sing my own take on Christmas songs- old and new – and tell anecdotes. It’s been a big hit in Toronto so I’m bringing it to the Rose Theatre in Brampton on Dec. 9 and 10, then to the Richmond Hill Centre For the Performing Arts on Dec. 15.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.



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