Milauna Jemai Jackson is an american actress, born in Chicago, known for her latest roles in shows like How To Get Away With Murder, Strike Back or Aquarius. We’ve had the chance to sit down with her and talk about her work on ABC’s hit show and some of her past projects. This is the result.

Checkout the interview in Spanish just by clicking this link.

– Hello Milauna. So, on HTGAWM’s last episodes you’ve been Annalise’s (Viola Davis) big rival in court and you’ve given her a tough fight. That’s a big way to land. What can you tell us about it?

I will reveal that it was extremely tense and intimidating, and that is what made the dynamic between us even better. I was given the support contextually to confront Annalise in every way possible and that is what we all enjoy watching. At this point of the story, the stakes of our rivalry have been raised and perhaps it will be by any means necessary.

– Besides, Rene is sleeping with Nate… That could go off with a bang right? 

Exactly! No one wants to receive news that their rival and lover are in an intimate relationship. That is gut wrenching, especially for Annalise.

–  What can you tell us about your experience of working with such talented people like Viola Davis and ShondaLand’s team?

I have not had the pleasure of working with Shonda Rhimes yet because the creator of HTGAWM, Pete Nowalk hired me. That experience has been fantastic because he offered me the role of the ADA after I had auditioned for something completely different. Working with Viola, has been a real educational experience. She has been supportive in ways that I would never imagine nor will forget by reminding me that I deserve this opportunity. I have been pursuing this passion for a long time, yet never predicted the journey would lead me to Shondaland opposite Viola Davis.

– Can you let go anything about what we’ll be seeing during the rest of the season? Does Rene have a bigger role / intentions in all of this?

I can tell you that Rene’s intentions will become more clear as the season progresses and it will be exciting to watch. I will say this, there is no way to predict what tools one will use in the name of victory. All is fair in love and war, right?

Milauna Jackson on ABC's How To Get Away With Murder (Mitch Haaseth).
Milauna Jackson on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder (Mitch Haaseth).

– Looking at the past, do you miss being part of such an action packed show as Strike Back was?

I absolutely miss Strike Back. It was an amazing show to be apart of and for two seasons I was able to strengthen my body and my mind simultaneously.

– I  am sure it was quite a unique show to work on too. What are for you the principal differences between Strike Back and tour other recent works?

It was my first series regular role, it pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and we filmed it on an international landscape. Truly immersing myself in foreign cultures for two years was beneficial to me in every capacity- mentally, physically, and spiritually. Nothing will ever replicate the experience of working on Strike Back.

Milauna Jackson and Michelle Lukes on Cinemax's Strike Back.
Milauna Jackson and Michelle Lukes on Cinemax’s Strike Back.

– It was reported some months ago that Left Bank Productions was developing a movie to take the show to the big screen. Would you be in? What would you like to be next for Martinez if you had the opportunity of reprising the role?

I would love to see more heroism from Martinez on the big screen. Internationally, there is always a need for an American woman of color to showcase heroism. This is a fact particularly for films and I would absolutely love to do that.  Additionally, we never explored her sensual side. She was an explosive expert and a proficient fighter. There is definitely some passion brewing underneath her courageous nature that the audience would love to see.

– Thanks again Milauna, best wishes from Spain.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.

Main photography by Vince Trupsin.



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