Actress and filmmaker Supinder Wraich has just launched her new original series, The 410 (CBC Gem). Named after the solitary highway connecting the suburb of Brampton to the Greater Toronto Area, the show centres around a South Asian female lead who turns to a life of crime to bail her truck driver father out of prison.

Do you want to know more about it? Check out our latest exclusive interview. We’ve been able to sit down with her to talk about this new series between many other issues.

– Hi Supinder. Let me start asking you about your new series ‘The 410’ (CBC Gem). Tell us more about the show and what we’ll be seeing when we watch it. 

The 410 is a digital series on CBC Gem told in three parts. The story centers on Suri (Surpreet) Deol, an Indo-Canadian wannabe-Instagram-it-girl who’s forced to return home to the suburb of Brampton, ON after her truck driver father is arrested for smuggling narcotics across the border. The series explores a fractured father daughter relationship within the structure of a fast paced, family crime drama. The series is currently steaming on CBC Gem for Canadian viewers to watch online for free, without a subscription.

When and why did you decide to create ‘The 410’? 

Around 2014/ 2015 I began to notice a reoccurring narrative in the Indo-Canadian community where South Asian truck drivers were arrested at several borders for attempting to traffic narcotics. I imagined the lives of those truck drivers: what aspirations drove them to commit those crimes: money/power/social rank? At the same time, I also had an interest in the ‘influencer’ culture and a fascination of what people choose to project about themselves on social media vs. what they hide. As I began to develop the characters of the father and the daughter, I saw a similar theme in both their lives: each character possesses a desire for something unquantifiable. Although they operated in two very different worlds, they both are victims in pursuit of this same objective. There was something about that narrative that I identified with, in this desire for more, without knowing exactly what the ‘more’ looks like. Exploring that idea was one of the main motivators in writing this show.

I’ve read that the show can be described as the Indo-Canadian community’s response to The Godfather or The Sopranos, with a young female protagonist at the helm. Sounds quite ambitious. Can you tell us more about this young female we will see at the center of its story?

Both The Sopranos and The Godfather provided insight into what it looked like to belong to an Italian family from an insider’s perspective, which is our aim with The 410. The series is a family crime drama and has sensationalized moments but we also try to truthfully represent what it means to grow up in an Indo-Canadian family. For Suri, our main character, although she bears a lot of love for her father, there’s also a lot of obstacles to that love, tied to resentment and patriarchy and familial obligations. I also valued the idea of challenging the patriarchy and introducing a female character that returns home to save her father, whereas traditionally that story usually features a male perspective.

How important is it for you to be able to make a show lead by a strong female character?

It was very important for me to write not just a female protagonist, but a South Asian female anti-hero. So often as an actor, the characters I’m asked to play are very much written as a ‘good girl, educated, follows the rules’ sort of archetype. I wanted to play a lead character that was messy, and nuanced and troubled and often you don’t see those roles cast with South Asian women, so I wrote it for myself.

Do you have any people that specially inspire you for your work? 

There were a few books that I went to for inspiration while trying these scripts, I love Jumpa Lahiri, her book of short stories The Interpreter of Maladies is one of my favourite books. I also loved Good Girls Marry Doctors, an anthology of true stories from South Asian women, edited by Piyali Bhattacharya.

During the last years you’ve starred on many popular television shows. Is there any one that you would really love to be a part of in a near future? 

Judging by my previous answer, it’s probably evident that I love anthologies! Black Mirror is a show that engages and terrifies me to another level. I love that the series exists as a warning for current trends/ beliefs/ actions and if there ends up being a 6th season, it’s a show I would kill to be a part of!

Before we finish, are you working on any new projects right now? 

I recently did a motion capture for a video game that’ll be out in the near future! It was my first time within that medium and I had maybe the most fun I’ve ever had on set! I also recently shot a feature written and directed by my close friend Sam Coyle called ‘Hazy Little Thing’ and right now I’m staring down that blank canvass and working away at Season 2 of The 410, which if anyone’s interested, they can follow our story and progress on our Instagram page. Thank you for your time!




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