Taras Lavren is a Toronto-based actor, director and producer. His first big break into acting came when he guest starred in an episode of Reign (CW). In 2017, he was cast as Nate in the highly-acclaimed drama television series Anne With an E (Netflix / CBC) becoming a series regular and a fan favorite. Coming up next, Taras will be appearing in the highly anticipated show V-Wars (Netflix) due out in 2019.

Also, Taras is currently a founding member of Blink Twice Films, a unique project dedicated as a collaborative platform for actors, writers, composers and filmmakers. In a new exclusive interview for our site, we’ve been able to sit down with Taras to talk about his recent works and future projects among other issues.

Check out the interview in Spanish by clicking on this link

– Hi Taras. Let me first ask you, how did you land your role on Anne with an E?

It was an interesting experience because I initially wasn’t able to make the audition since I was flying away on vacation the same day they held the auditions, so I sent in a tape and left it at that. Then two days later I got a callback for it back in Toronto. The problem was I was still in Mexico for another week. So, after some careful deliberation whether or not to fly back, I decided to just send another tape in. At that point I was just happy that casting was able to see it and that I didn’t seem like I bailed on the part. Then, serendipitously on my last day I found out that I booked the part! It was definitely all smiles flying back and sort of pinching myself if this actually happened or not.

– Your character is Nate, described as a quick-minded grifter that uses his charm and sharp wit to play the con-game to its full potential. What would you highlight about him?

He’s a very clever character in that he’s very good at being two-faced and putting on a “character” within the show itself. It was definitely a dream role to play someone who has so many layers to them, and also an incredible challenge at the same time.

– What has changed for your character from the show’s first season till now?

In season two, you discover Nate and his partner have been living with the Cuthbert’s for over nine months. and that he’s put quite the charming spell over the town of Avonlea. Although, as we know (from the first season) his true nature, there is something dangerous plotting beyond the surface of his allure.

– As an insider, what do you think that’s the show’s secret to success?

The incredible writing. Moira Walley-Becket wrote the entire first season and really set the bar high for the team of writers that joined the second season. She was also conscious to hire and all-female team of writers, as the story is through the lens of a female protagonist it was important to her that the writing came from that perspective as well. Beyond that, I can also say there is a lot of emphasis on set that is put on creating quality content, even personally I remember both, Helen Shaver (Director of the first episode) and Moira really pushed me to go further and deeper with my performance. I owe credit to them for helping me find and shape the character of Nate.

– Any news if you will you be back for season three? Can you give up anything about what we’ll be seeing?

You will just have to wait and see! I believe they are writing it as we speak, so no one outside of that writing room is the wiser right now!

Taras Lavren.

– Your next project on television is Netflix’s V-Wars starring Ian Somerhalder. What can you say about it?

I only have a guest role on one of the episodes, but I can tell you it’s going to be a really fun and dark vampire series. They are bringing back the cool demonic looking vampires, and it looks badass! I play the leader of a group of “punk” vamps, and we find ourselves in a bit of confrontation with the leads on the show as we are known to indulge in too many liberties with our powers.

– Besides an actor, you also work on a project called Blink Twice Films. Tell us more about it.

Blink Twice Films is an anthology of one-minute short films on Instagram. It also serves as a really cool platform that allows us the opportunity to collaborate with artists all over the world. We film, produce and release new content every month, so it’s a constant revolving door of creative challenges, but it’s also so rewarding because we get to share it with an audience that follows us.  Since officially launching in June of 2018, we have amassed an amazing fan base, and ever-growing international audience. You can check out our work on Instagram by following us

– Does Taras Lavren watch TV? Do you have any favorite shows? 

I don’t actually own cable TV, but I do love me some good old Netflix! Recently I just finished watching Patrick Melrose, the new Benedict Cumberbatch series, and it is brilliant! He is a master of his craft and one of my favorite actors as well.

– Thanks for your time Taras. Best wishes from Spain.

Muchas Gracias! I love Spain very much, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times! I actually have some family that lives in Torrevieja, and I love visiting Valencia and Barcelona. I would really love to go back to San Sebastian, as it’s probably one of my favorite places in the world!

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries. 


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