Born and raised in Toronto (Canada), actor and scriptwriter Jadiel Dowlin stars in Nickelodeon‘s new live-action television series Star Falls. Created by George Doty IV, the show centres on Sophia Miller (Siena Agudong) a strong-willed teen who persuades a Hollywood movie star, Craig Daniels (Dion Johnstone), and his family to live in her house while he shoots a movie in town, all with the hopes of setting him up with her mom.

In our latest exclusive interview we’ve been able to sit down with Jadiel and talk about the show and it’s secrets besides many other issues about Jadiel’s work. Check it out!

– Hi Jadiel, So, right now we can see you starring on Nickelodeon’s Star Falls. What can you tell us about it?

Star Falls is a hilarious comedy that follows a celebrity family that moves to a small town to shoot a movie. I play Phoenix, the oldest son of a movie star dad. A local girl named Sophia tries to set up Phoenix’s dad with her single mom, a veterinarian. A lot of scheming, shenanigans, planning, and hijinks go into getting them together. It was lots of fun to shoot, and as the season progresses you’ll see even more zany antics!

– How did you land the role? 

That’s a very interesting story. It was my third call-back and I like to arrive early for my auditions, so you could imagine my reaction when the bus I was taking stopped after experiencing an engine problem. I had to quickly grab a taxi to get to a train station, take a train to the city, and then another taxi to the audition. And on top of it all, it was raining the entire time?! I managed to get to the audition literally 5 minutes before my call time. The funny part … turns out they were running late, and I didn’t audition until about an hour later. Looking back, I don’t mind the stress I experienced.

– As you said, on the show you play Phoenix, the son of the family that the series follows. Tell us more about your character. 

Phoenix is the heart of the Brooks family. He’s a compassionate and loving person, but mostly philosophical, spiritual, and a person who’s into asking questions about life. He brings a unique dynamic to the family, because while his sister Diamond is taking selfies, and brother Bo is up to antics, Phoenix practices meditation, yoga, and doesn’t allow the celebrity lifestyle to go to his head.

– What would you highlight about the show’s first episodes?

The first ones aired are only the beginning. We have some truly awesome episodes coming that’ll double down on the humor, fun, and you’ll be able to experience the bond all the kids share. All the scheming that’ll be had to set-up Phoenix’s celebrity dad with Sophia’s mom. Tune in to find out how it all goes down!

– Recently we spoke with Elena V.Wolfe (Beth) and she told us a lot about the relationship between her character and her daughter Sophia. Tell us about Phoenix’s relation with his father.

That’s so cool! Craig and Phoenix share an interesting father/son dynamic too. I think what makes theirs special is just how supportive Craig is of his son. Phoenix can be a little bit of an unconventional child. His mind is often in the clouds and he can be overly analytical of seemingly simple things. So when Craig encourages Phoenix to continue to be himself and explore more of what interests him.

– How do you think his stardom has influenced Phoenix? 

For the most part, Craig’s stardom hasn’t influenced Phoenix at all! Unlike becoming a teen into social media, or entitled young man, Phoenix remains humble and down to earth despite being in the public spotlight. I think that’s why the character is so intriguing, it’s because he isn’t the norm. If anything, Phoenix has used his stardom in positive ways. For example he uses his resources so he could learn more about animals, and better take care of them.  

– Tell us, why should people watch Star Falls? What makes it special? 

What makes Star Falls special are its messages. It shows that two families from completely different backgrounds, lifestyles, and social classes can come together to form a larger family. One of acceptance and love. Star Falls also portrays the adults on the show as capable and responsible people who are respected, unlike other sitcoms who have the kids talk down to parental guardians. This way, even kids’ parents can enjoy the show with their kids.

– Besides your work as an actor we know you al serve as regular writer for the children’s television series Dino Dana. Tell us more about that. How did you start writing? 

Writing for Dino Dana is a blast. It’s a show that follows a young palaeontologist called Dana that can actually see Dinosaurs. What makes it amazing is that we have this protagonist that goes on these epic adventures with these Dinos while also teaching young audiences about them. After working on a show called Annedroids for a couple of years, I reached out to the creators and shared how I have a burning urge to write and create. .J.J. Johnson and Christin Simms (Sinking Ship Entertainment) gave me a shot at pitching for Dino Dana and the rest is history! Some of the episodes I’ve done include: “Growing-up Dino,” “Dinosauroid Dana,” and “Flying Expectations.”

– Before we finish, are you working on any new projects right now? 

You betcha! I’m really excited about this new project I’m a part of. I can’t share too much yet, but be sure to check out my Instagram and Twitter for updates! You can also visit my website because lots of more cool stuff can be found there.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.


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