Born and raised in Toronto (Ontario) Megan Hutchings started her journey in the world of acting studying with coach David Rotenberg of The Professional Actors Lab at the age of 18.  Since then she has starred in major television and film productions. Most recently, Megan played the recurring role of Jane in the hit television series Reign (The CW). Her next stop is BET’s new and highly-anticipated legal drama series In Contempt set to make its season premiere on April 10th.

Check out our latest exclusive interview. We’ve been talking with Megan about her new show, what to expect from it and her experiences on other projects.

– Hi Megan. Your new show In Contempt premieres next month. What can you tell us about it? 

Our show dives into a pretty complicated world. Along with all the drama and juiciness of the Public Defender’s and Prosecutor’s private lives the show revolves around – we’re also dealing with very real issues. We’re defending people who are often suppressed because of the colour of their skin, mental Illnesses, lack of opportunity etc. We’re entertaining our audience but also bringing to light the unjust of the world.

– You’ll be playing Tracy Campbell, the main character’s best friend and roommate. What can you tell us about Tracy? What’s her role in the show’s story? 

Tracy is Gwen Sullivan’s best friend. They’re co-workers and roommates. She is the sexy, carefree, sassy lawyer from the South. Tracy can be manipulative and break rules to get what she wants – for herself and her clients. She crosses the false lines society has put in place for women and does it without apology. She’s not afraid to say and do as she pleases and is open about her love for sex and men. She uses her sexuality and beauty to her advantage which was fun to play since society often tells us to be ashamed of that and to act like a ‘lady.’ What I love about Tracy is how human she is. She puts forward this sexy badass but has a lot of deep hurt living within her. She’s a bit broken and I think many of us can relate to that.

– In Contempt is a legal drama. What differences does it have with other similar shows?

I think what’s different about our show is that we’re jumping into really complicated, real territory. Terri Kopp, the creator of the show actually was a public defender in New York and was able to bring her experience to life. Many of the cases we deal with are cases Terri actually dealt by with her or witnessed. We’re not sugar coating what’s really going on in the world!

– Why should people check out In Contempt? 

Because not only will they be super entertained but it will also get viewers thinking! – Of how unjust the justice system can truly be. How quick we all can be to forget about someone because they are «different» from us. I think our show is the perfect mix of everything people are looking for in a TV show.

– Besides, you’ll also be starring in CBC’s original comedy series Crawford. Tell us more about it. 

Working on Crawford was such a gift. Mike Clattenburg is the coolest dude. He’s a creative genius that just wants to play and it’s evident in the final product. The show is unique, quirky and fun. It’s weird but lovely. Working along side fellow Canadian Jill Hennessy was so much fun. She’s so talented and giving. It’s DIFFERENT than anything else out there and I’m so happy to have been a small part of an amazing project.

– What can you tell us about your recent experience of playing Jane on CW’s Reign?

Playing Jane was so fun. She was this innocent, sweet character who had this little sneaky streak (don’t we all!). I was really intimidated walking into such a massive project where everyone had been working together for many seasons but everyone was welcoming and supportive. The sets and wardrobe were so extravagant it felt dream like. Working along side (another follow Canadian!) Rachel Skarsten was a lot of fun. I learned a lot from Rachel and appreciated her professionalism and kindness. She’s awesome.

– Are you working on any other projects right now?

Maybe! I will let you know when I can!

– Does Megan Hutchings watch TV in her free time? Any favorite shows?

Yes! I love a good night on the couch with Netflix. I’m currently watching Boardwalk Empire (a little late to the party) and just finished Peaky Blinders (also late to the party). I loved the shows Broadchurch, The Fall, Luther (Ruth Wilson is SO talented) and am looking forward to the second season of Big Little Lies.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries. 

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