Canadian actress Elena V. Wolfe is set as one of the stars of new live-action television series Star Falls, which premieres next March 31st on Nickelodeon. In a new exclusive interview for our site, we’ve been able to talk Elena about the show and what viewers can expect about it. She’s also speaked with us about COZ and The Invisible City, her first debut novel, currently in the works. Don’t miss it!

Hi Elena. Your new show Star Falls (Nickelodeon) is about to premiere. What can you tell us about it?

The show centers around a teenage girl, Sophia, and her mother Beth who live in a quiet town of star falls. Things pick up quite a bit when a Hollywood superstar moves in to town with his three kids, who, with Sophia’s encouragement, begin a “Parent Trap” scheme to make their parents fall in love.

– You’ll be playing Beth Miller, the single mother of the main character who also is the veterinarian of the town. Tell us more about her. Does she have anything in common with you?

Beth is shy, an introvert, and very understanding. She doesn’t quite like all the scheming that goes on behind her back! In any case, Beth is like me in some ways—super quirky and awkward at times— and in other ways, is totally different (I don’t think I’m very shy!). The big difference being Beth is a single mom and I have yet to become one (laughs).

– Can you tell us more about Beth and Sophia’s mother-daughter relation?

I think given the smaller age gap the two have a bit of a Gilmore Girls relationship. Beth can definitely scold Sophia when she misbehaves but for the most part they’re best friends.

Looks like Beth’s life is going to go under some big changes when the show starts. What can we expect from her? Is she open to love? Does she feel attracted to this new Hollywood world that comes knocking on her door?

The cool thing about this premise is that I believe everyone has that Hollywood crush— and the daydreams about meeting them one day! I’m so thrilled this got to play one on screen. I think Beth is definitely open to love (what’s not to love about a Hollywood hunk?) the only catch being is that her lack of confidence gets in the way of ever believing love could brew between them. I think Beth will be stepping out of her comfort zone plenty!

– What do you think that makes Star Falls special? Why should people watch?

I believe the foundation of a good show comes from good writing— and it’s fantastic! The humor is great, and definitely something that both parents and kids alike will enjoy.  But perhaps the most unique thing about Star Falls is our diverse and talented cast! I think each of the characters are incredibly unique and fun in their own special way, and there are bits of Star Falls that everyone can relate to.

– Besides acting, we’ve been told you are working on your first novel. What can you tell us about it? How did you get into writing? Any other projects in mind?

Thanks for asking! Writing was something I was always interested in, but I think it was after I met one of the creators of Modern Family that inspired me to pursue writing on a serious level. As far as novels are concerned I am working on a children’s fantasy series. It is inspired by a short story written by Rudyard Kipling called “Children of The Zodiac”, and it’s about 12 magical kids who descend from the constellations to save mankind. In the television world, my writing partner and I are always writing up a storm, with several pilots in the works!

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries. 


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