Elias Harger is a young american actor who can actually be seen playing Max Fuller on Netflix‘s hit show Fuller House. In a new exclusive interview for our site we’ve sat down with Elias to talk with him about his experiences and how’s his life as a television star.

– Hi Elias. Tell us, when did you know you wanted to be an actor? How did you get started in this world?

I got my first job when I turned five years old. It was a commercial for a restaurant. I had so much fun filming the commercial that I wanted to continue acting. I tried out for a lot of local projects in Colorado. I did professional theater and acted in student film projects, independent short films and some more commercials. Also, I joined an acting school in Colorado and participated in showcases, which is how I got my agent in Los Angeles. While I lived in Denver, I would send in auditions for projects in Los Angeles. I auditioned for Fuller House that way!

– Right now we can see you playing Max Fuller on Netflix’s Fuller House. What can you tell us about your experiences on the show? Has your life changed a lot since you started starring as a regular on television?

I found out I booked the role of Max on Fuller House during my summer vacation, and had to fly out to Los Angeles with my mom a couple of days later. There was a lot to learn about the process of filming a television show. You might be surprised to know how much work goes into making a show that lasts less than 30 minutes! It’s interesting to watch the episodes and remember how much work went into making certain scenes, and they only last a few seconds on TV. For instance, in an episode this season where Max sneaks out of his bedroom window with a sheet took a lot of time and effort to shoot. They had me in a harness, hanging over the stage with a stunt supervisor guiding me. I had to hang there for a long time while we were shooting, and it was really hard to stay facing the right direction. It was also a lot of fun because, between takes, the stunt supervisor would let me swing around and pretend to fly!

Yes, my life has changed a lot. We now live in Los Angeles instead of Denver, and I’m homeschooled. I also get recognized on the streets by fans. It’s always fun meeting them! I juggle work and school when we are filming, but I love being an actor, so it’s worth it.

– How is a day on set like? Do you combine filming the show with studying or any other obligations?

Most of the day is spent juggling time on stage with time working in the school trailer. Also, to be a working actor, I have to get good grades because my school is required to fill out a work permit every six months. So, kids who want to be actors, also have to be serious students! I usually get called to work around 7am, and then I go straight to my school trailer for an hour or so. I have a studio teacher when I’m on set. We all get fed on set, but my mom makes sure I don’t eat too much sugar! Fridays are our live taping day, so I look forward to the live audiences. They always have so much energy! Off set, I take piano lessons, Spanish and French lessons, and I swim. I like to keep busy.

– You look quite busy. Do you have any time left to watch television? Any favorite shows?

Aside from Fuller House, I like watching The Flash, Stranger Things and Arrow. I like a lot of Superhero shows because they have magical abilities that they use to help people.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries. 

Photo credit : Lesley Bryce. 

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