Paul Greene is an american actor and one of Hallmark Channel’s most familiar faces. Actually we can see him starring on hit show When Calls The Heart, besides on many TVMovies. Campfire Kiss is his last feature and television and Sweet Home California is now playing in theaters.  We’ve been able to sit down an chat with him on another exclusive interview for our site. Paul talks with us about his recent experiences, When Calls The Heart’s actual season and his recent works. 

– Hi Paul. Let me ask you about television first. When Calls The Heart is now airing it’s fourth season on Hallmark. What can you tell us about your experience so far? What’s the secret of this popular show?

My experience has been incredible! It’s been creatively diverse and i’ve enjoyed playing a more complex character with a mysterious past and a big secret.  The show is so popular because there is nothing else on TV like it. It’s family friendly and I think people are enjoy getting lost in period pieces.

– What about your character Carson? How does it feel to be the newcomer?

Settling in to a new town has its challenges for sure, but it helps that the people of Hope Valley are the kindest you could ever find. Abigail opening her cafe, Faith helping out with a job and Jack and Jesse offering to help Carson has made being a newcomer a lot easier than one would expect.

– Can you tell us anything about what’s in store for the rest of the season?

Carsons big secret will be revealed, so big changes within the whole dynamic of the town are coming. One thing you can be sure of is lots of adventure and many twists and turns.

Paul Greene.

– You’ve been quite busy on the movie side too. Your last work on Hallmark is Campfire Kiss with Danica McKellar. Please, tell us about the movie. 

What’s unique about Campfire Kiss and why I think fans really connect with it, is that most of the movie takes place outside in the snow, which almost becomes an extra character in the movie. Danica’s character and mine are worlds apart at the beginning and through some heartfelt and funny moments somehow find a way to give love a chance. This is Danica and my second movie together and we have the best time filming. Working on Hallmark projects are like being in a big happy family. They are airing the movie regularly so you can still catch it if you missed the premiere.

– In your career you’ve worked on many TV movies for Hallmark. Do you have a favorite one? Any funny moment that you recall from a set that you can share?

Having the opportunity to work with Candice Cameron, Danica Mckellar, Erika Christensen, Lacey Chabert has definitely been the most fun and I can’t really pick one that’s my favorite. That said, it was a stretch and really fun to play a male nurse in Anything For Love. It was the biggest opportunity to play broader comedy. There was a big bowling alley scene in Anything For Love where Erica and I fall to the ground. She was three months pregnant at the time and I had to go running after her and fake a big trip called the ‘Pratt Fall.» I made the fall huge and felt like I was in the air for what seemed like minutes and landed really hard. The stuntman on set was really concerned because I ended up missing the crash pad. Eric and I both had a really big laugh about that one, but unfortunately that fall didn’t even make a movie. It happens 🙂

– Last but not least you have Sweet Home California in theaters too. What can you tell us about this one?

This is an independent movie that hopefully will make its way to a bigger audience soon. This was shot with the very talented and lovely Heather McComb in South Carolina. This movie is a romantic comedy with a great story.

– Before we finish, let us know, have you started working on any future projects?

Yes, a couple homegrown projects with Katie Austin and some other very funny and talented friends, and possibly a Lifetime movie in the works.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.


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