Amber Coney is an american actress who’s been playing, during these last months, the role of Carolina Diaz / Cricket on Freeform’s Dead Of Summer. Additionally, Amber has just made her debut as a writer on Lifetime’s  Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? starring James Franco. On a new exclusive interview, we’ve been able to sit down with her and chat about the series and her last experiences.

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– Hi Amber, thanks for your time.  So, what can you tell us about your time on Freeform’s Dead Of Summer? 

It was an  incredible experience. I had never been a series regular for a TV show before Dead of Summer, so for a first time opportunity of that nature, it was absolutely ideal. I loved the role I was playing, it was fulfilling and challenging to create and navigate Cricket’s backstory and present-day psyche. All of my fellow collaborators, both on and off camera, were extremely talented and supportive, making it all the more gratifying and worthwhile.

– What are your best memoirs from Cricket? Have you learned anything from her?

I think my favorite memories from playing Cricket had to do with her friendship with Blair (Mark Indelicato). Mark and I became extremely close friends in real life, so our actual relationship was very present in our work. As far as learning from playing the part is concerned, I gained a lot more trust and love for myself, I felt like I had become more empowered as Cricket was doing the same.

– Every character on Dead Of Summer has it’s own secrets or dark past. Which of them do you think had the most interesting background? 

One of my favorite back stories is Drew’s. It’s incredibly heartbreaking, but reflective of what many trans individuals actually go through, so I think it was an extremely important story to tell. Zelda did the story so much justice, so I couldn’t imagine anyone other than her playing it… I would definitely want to take on stories similar to the ones my cast-mates had in the future, but I feel like Cricket was who I was meant to be in this season, hands down.

– Season finale is just about to arrive and events are getting crazier and darker in every episode. Can you give us anything about what we can expect?

All I can say is, many viewers will be shocked at how everything unfolds in the final episodes… You’ll have to wait and see!

– Any news about a second season?

Not yet! I’m hoping we find out sometime in the Fall… Fingers crossed!

– As an anthology, Dead Of Summer can go to many other places in future seasons, what themes would you like the show to explore in the future? 

Since it is still a horror show, obviously fear will continue to pervade the series thematically… And this season already explored important topics such as identity, mental illness, acceptance, self-image, superficial v. real love… So I am really just excited and curious to see where else the creators will take it.

– What about Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? I understand this TVMovie has been your writing debut. What can you say about this experience? Is it true that you wrote the entire script in only five days? 

I got the job because James Franco needed the first draft super quickly so I met his deadline in finishing it in less than a week. It was a bizarre and awesome experience, and my role was primarily to create the world and the scenes to fit what James was imagining. He gave me a very thorough story and structure that he wanted me to follow, so it was definitely a collaborative process, and a momentous learning experience.

– Before we finish, we know you’ve got many other projects in the work, all with James Franco. Can you tell us more about them? How is it working so frequently with such a talented actor like him?

All of the other projects are either in development, in production, or in various stages of post production, so they haven’t really been put out into the public sphere yet. I’ve written nine or so scripts for James at this point, and been in a few of his movies as well, so it’s hard to keep track! He’s awesome to work with, and has been really pivotal in giving me the experience I needed to get me started in the industry. His focus, drive, and, creativity are contagious, and I will always be deeply grateful for our work together.

– Thank you so much Amber, it’s been a pleasure.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.

Main photography by Lesley Bryce.


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