Lauren Stamile is an american actress with a big career on television. Actually, we can see her playing Dr.Bridget O’Neill on Complications, one of USA Network‘s new summer shows. Before this role, Lauren has been on many shows like Grey’s, Scandal or Burn Notice.

In a new exclusive interview, we have been able to speak with her about her now show and her past experiencies on television.

– Hello Lauren, thanks for your time.

Thank you! Happy to do it!

– Complications, your new series on USA Network has just premiered. What can you tell us about it?

There’s really nothing like it on television. Complications is a thriller that centers around a doctor who, unwittingly, gets caught in the middle of a gang war. It examines the repercussions that follow, in his own life and the lives of those around him, and explores just how far someone will go to do what he thinks is right.

– What is the difference between Complications and other medical shows?

There’s definitely a strong medical presence in the show, but it’s more of a crime thriller than anything else. It doesn’t focus on workplace romances or
a medical case that gets wrapped up by the end of each episode. Season one takes place over the course of two very stressful weeks in our characters life. There are no neat resolutions in

– On the series, you’ll be playing Dr.Bridget O’Neill. What about her? What are your favorite aspects about the character and what would you like to see from her?

Bridget is a whip-smart ER doctor with a penchant for rules. Her world’s a black and white one and so the very gray mess that her colleague brings into the hospital turns her world upside down. As the season progresses, however, Bridget starts to redefine her own sense of right and wrong and steps outside of her comfort zone to help her friend.

What has been most interesting for me about working with Bridget has been searching for her points of vulnerability. No one becomes so controlling and rigid without having some deep insecurity that he /she is trying to shield from the outside world. I would like to understand more about the origins of that insecurity as well as encounter more opportunities for it be revealed.

– What’s Bridget’s role on the show?

In order for Bridget to keep control of the ER and protect the hospital, she must get to the bottom of everything Dr. Ellison (Jason O’Mara) is trying to cover up. Everything is at stake for Dr. Ellison – his life, his career, his family and because Bridget is a close friend and colleague, her investigation could easily unravel it all.

– Is there anything you would highlight about Complications? Why should people watch?

Complications is exhilarating and unpredictable, full of fascinating characters, even the darkest of which may invoke empathy. It has the potential to spark much needed dialogue about violence and how our similarities as people far outweigh our differences – no matter who we are, what we do and where we came from.

Jason O'Mara y Lauren Stamile. (Complications, USA Network).
Jason O’Mara y Lauren Stamile. (Complications, USA Network).

– In the past, you’ve had roles on many other shows. Two of them are Grey’s and Scandal. How was the experience of working with Shonda Rhimes and her people?

It was an absolute pleasure. Shonda Rhimes, is a master storyteller and the people whom she entrusts with those stories are incredibly bright, creative and committed. I loved working on both Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and hope to get to work with her and her fantastic team again!

– It must of been quite an honor for you to play Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy’s love interest...

It was quite intimidating, actually! When I realized that I was going to be the person coming in between Meredith and Derek, I didn’t like me! I was honestly a little terrified walking onto the set of such a huge and beloved hit. Patrick Dempsey, however, was so welcoming and patient, as was everyone else on that set, so it was a great learning and creative experience. And, hey,
I helped MerDer ultimately get back together, so that’s a plus!

– Another fan favorite show which you had a recurring role on was Community. What do you remember from your days in Greendale?
Do you prefer comedy or drama?

I pretty much laughed all day long! Working with Joel McHale was definitely one of my favorite acting experiences. He’s so smart and humble and everyone on that set was just grateful to be there. I feel privileged to have been there for a little while at the beginning.

Comedy or drama? I love going back and forth between the two because it reminds me to look for the points of levity within drama and the more serious notes within comedy. When drama becomes too heavy, it can sink and when comedy becomes too light, it can feel a little fleeting. For me, comedy is a bit scarier, though, because it’s more apparent if it’s not working!

– As i said, you’ve been on many shows during these pasta years. Burn Notice, Criminal Minds, Workaholics, The Mentalist are some other ones. Do you have a special memoir of any of these roles?

Working on Burn Notice was the second time I had the opportunity to work with Matt Nix, the creator of Complications. The tone that Matt creates on set is fun, supportive and enthusiastic, so I quickly felt at home. When I came to work on the first day, Jeffrey Donovan said, “This is your set, too. How can I help you?” Way to put a girl at ease! And everyone else treated me the same way. I also thoroughly enjoyed researching the world from a spy’s perspective – but I would make a terrible spy in real life!

  1. – Before we finish, tell us, are you working on any new projects?

Right now, all of my energy is going into promoting Complications!

– Thanks again Lauren. Best wishes.

Thank you – and to you, too!!

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.

Photography by USA Network and Manfred Baumann.

Foto de Manfred Baumann.
Foto de Manfred Baumann.


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