Veronika Slowikowska was born and raised in Barrie, Canada. From the young age of three, Veronika has had her sights on performing. Since graduating in 2015, Veronika has amassed a number of credits under her name including Degrassi : Next Class (Netflix), See No Evil (Discovery ID) and the short film Viable. Coming up next. Veronika can be seen recurring in FX’s highly anticipated new series, What We Do in The Shadows. 

Based on the feature film of the same name from Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, What We Do in The Shadows is a documentary-style look into the daily lives of four vampires who’ve “lived” together for hundreds of years in State Island. Veronika plays the role of Shanice.

– Hi Veronika. Next up we will see you playing the character of Shanice in FX’s new series ‘What We Do in The Shadows’. What can we expect from the show?

The show is a mockumentry about vampires in the modern world! It’s hilarious, quirky, and creepy!

– Tell us more about your character and the differences between this television version and the movie it’s based on.

Shanice is a geeky, awkward, LARPer (Live Action Role Player). There are a lot of similarities when it comes to the original and the show, Jemaine and Taika were very much involved in the making of. As for differences, there’s new voices on the show, new actors and writers that are amazing.

– I’m quite interested to see how the show balances comedy and other concepts like drama or classic supernatural themes. What can you say about that? 

I think it’s going to be a very funny, mostly comedic show. But you’re going to really care about the characters and their relationships. As for supernatural stuff… hopefully lots of flying!

– Why should we watch this new show? 

The show is going to show a side of vampires nobody has seen before! That’s the main reason why you should watch it.

– Besides, you will also be starring soon in a new webseries called ‘A Boy’s Memoir’. What can you tell us about this project? Where will we be able to watch? 

A Boy’s Memoir is a web series my friends and I created about three high school drama nerds trying to put on the musical of a life time. It’s weird, charming, hilarious and heartwarming. Check out the trailer on Facebook and YouTube under A Boy’s Memoir.

– I would also like to ask you about your work in theatre. You’re part of Bad Dog Theatre’s Featured Players, a company specialized specializes in the art of unscripted comedy and improvised performance. It sounds really great…

Bad Dog is an amazing theatre company that does improvised theatre. There’s no script and we make up worlds and characters during our performances, on the spot. It’s creative and nothing will you see will ever be done again! We have a great cast this year and we learn different formats that we perform every Saturday at the Bad Dog Theatre at 7pm.

– Fun fact before we finish, which is your favorite TV Show?

I love TV! My favourite show is Mad Men!

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries. 

Photo credit : Connory Ballantyne.




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