Emily Piggford is an actress that we can see right now playing the role of Meagan on canadian hit webseries That’s My DJ created by DW Waterson. She also has a role on Starz’s show The Girlfriend Experience, and in the past we’ve been able to see her on other shows like Hemlock Grove (Netflix).

Emily has been able to sit down with us and share her experience and thoughts about the series and many other things on a new exclusive interview for Lovingseries. 

– Hi Emily. After two seasons of That’s My DJ, what can you tell us about your experience?

It is one of the most nourishing, fulfilling experiences I’ve had as an actor and a person. I’ve learned so much being involved in “That’s My DJ.”

– What’s the secret of the show? How important would you say music is for it? 

I feel like the secret of the show is that it draws you in with bright lights, fast cuts and major sex appeal, and the heart is this pure, universal, innocent truth of believing in yourself and choosing love. Music is so important to the series as the characters are all brought together because of it and they make or break their lives within Toronto’s electronic music scene. Music also has that magic way of unifying people and making you believe in your dreams, yourself and love. Creator/director D.W. Waterson really wanted to make the series have that same, satisfying impact and one of the ways she did that is by infusing it with incredible music.

– Do you think Toronto is the perfect city for what the show pretends to explore? 

Yes, Toronto is excellent for that because there is so much art and culture rippling through that city, but I think, being a Canadian city, there can also be a sense of modesty or mistrust in your ability to really break through glass ceilings and make it big. Canada doesn’t have a star system to the same degree that say the U.S. has, but there are so many talented Canadian artists who have made it or who are making it happen and just have to keep believing in themselves, being bold. Toronto is definitely one of the meccas in Canada and the world, really, where that kind of creative journey is alive and well and we wanted to capture that in “That’s My DJ.”

– What can you tell us about your character Meagan? She’s quite a complex girl. What would you highlight about her evolution during these two seasons? 

I think Meagan is incredibly brave and a positive force. She has this refreshing ambition, fueled by her love for the music and, really, for joy. We see her go from a party girl in season one, to actually throwing the parties in season two and taking on the personal and professional bumps and bruises along the way. It’s great watching her evolve from being simply a seemingly free spirit to having some serious strength and vulnerability underneath.

– Tell us about her relation with Cory (Masa Lizdek). How does it feel to portray a LGTB character? 

In season one, Cory is a bit more professionally grounded than Meagan, who is still really just enjoying being a participant in Toronto’s edm, party scene. They have chemistry and feel the freedom to explore that. It’s fun, but not serious, which is I think how Meagan generally feels about her sexuality in season one. By season two, she’s made a change and come into her own, embracing that she is gay and that’s also where that increase in strength and vulnerability comes from for her from season two onward. I feel so proud to portray Meagan who is such a well-rounded LGBTQ character and who gets to lead her own story.

– Is there any news or details you can share about season 3?

Season three will be released in June 2017 and it. is. fire! At this point, so much of the “That’s My DJ” team has worked together for a while, we trust each other, we’ve grown together as artists and people and we all just upped our game for the final season. It’s also the darkest season we’ve done and it’s really exciting to watch the team, particularly D.W. and cinematographer, James Poremba, explore that edgy and intense creative style.

– Recently you’ve also worked on other shows. The Girlfriend Experience was one of them, and you’ll be back for season two. What can you tell us about that working on the series?

Coming back for the second season of The Girlfriend Experience has been incredible. Director Lodge Kerrigan works at such a quick and meticulous pace, which really appeals to the perfectionist in me. I think season one is brilliant, Riley Keough does incredible work, and I can’t wait to see what the response to season two is. I’m also personally excited to see how season two comes together because, although I’m a recurring character, there is SO much about this season that I don’t know.

– Netflix’s Hemlock Grove was your first big TV role. What memories do you have from that one? 

Hemlock Grove still holds a big place in my heart/brain/life. Because it was the first big thing I did, I think, I feel very nostalgic about it quite often even though some of what I had to do as a character was not pleasant. Some of my favorite memories from that time are of the people I got to work with and mostly from off set, actually– like how Penelope Mitchell would come in regularly to Yoga Tree, the yoga studio I worked at on the side, and the Toronto premiere, and drinks or meals with Landon or Bill or Brian. From set, my favorite memory is that feeling of joy every day I got to be there, working on a professional set of a big series for the first time. Also to be in my character Ashley Valentine’s bedroom was a trip because photos from my real life were on the walls; it was so weird and cool.

– Are you working on any new projects you can tell us about? 

The next things coming out are season three of “That’s My DJ,” season two of “The Girlfriend Experience” and another TV show I wish I could tell you about, but can’t yet! All I’ll say is I’m a big fan of that series too and I’m so excited I get to be a part of it.

–  Before we end, let us know. Does Emily Piggford watch TV? Any favorite shows? 

Oh my GOSH, yes! So many things! Right now I’m hooked on Riverdale. I recently binge watched seasons one an two of Killjoys and love it. So excited for season three. I also marathoned Letterkenny on Crave and really enjoy it, so many laughs. I just finished season one of Marcella on Netflix and am intrigued to see what’ll go down next season. Same with Frontier. And though I’m way behind on Supernatural it’ll always have a place in my heart. That is the first TV show I ever fangirled over. Last one I’ll mention is the Japanese series Midnight Diner on Netflix which I often just play in the background now that I’ve watched it all. It’s so lovely.

An interview by Chris Patterson for Lovingseries.

Photos credit : David Lopez.


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